Cable Net Structures

VetraNet P-Series

Sentech’s VetraNet P-Series patch fitting cable net system offers a highly transparent solution. The system can be used in one-way or two-way cable arrangements on walls up to 60′ tall. The VetraNet P-Series fittings support each glass panel independently by the using gravity shelves and clamping action. The key advantage of this glass support methodology is that the system can be used with any glass type without drilling the glass, this reduces manufacturing and installation costs. To meet the aesthetic preferences fittings are offered in diamond, round and oval shapes.

Product Attributes

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • One or two-way cable arrangements
  • Maximum wall height for one-way cables = 60'-0"
  • Designed for all tempered glass types (IGU, laminated or monolithic)
  • Recommended maximum panel aspect ratio = 1.3
  • Recommended maximum cable spacing = 6'-0"