Glass Fin and Steel Structures

VetraPoint M-Series

The VetraPoint M-Series fittings offer the same flexibility and simplicity as the VetraPoint S-Series system, but are designed for tall wall applications and walls with high wind loads. These fittings can be used for glass fin applications on walls up to 60′ tall using laminated or insulated glass. Glass fins are typically offered in lengths up to 25′-0″.

Product Attributes

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Walls up to 60' tall
  • Fin depths up to 3'-0"
  • Maximum fin height without splices = 25'-0"
  • Maximum IGU height with soft (sputtered) coatings = 12'-0"
  • Maximum IGU height with hard (pyrolitic) coatings = 16'-0"
  • Recommended maximum fin spacing = 7'-0"