• VetraStep Series

    Sentech’s VetraStep Series is a complete line of step-on glazing systems, including structural glass stairways, glass pedestrian platforms, glass bridges and glass slides. This system is ideal for transparent and highly innovative design and complex geometric applications, and we offer both curved and spiral options.

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Sentech offers a complete line of Step-on Glazing Systems to design, engineer and build applications as diverse as the architectural mind can create. Our VetraStep Series System is ideal for highly transparent glass staircases, pedestrian platforms, glass bridges, structural glass flooring and walk-able glass, and we offer a wide variety of connection and support options. Sentech also offers embedded connections in all of our engineered solutions for glass pedestrian applications. Our product line also includes steel structures for staircases with curves or spirals for complex geometric applications. Our systems are designed to ensure long-lasting performance and provide unparalleled elegance.