Project Update: Expedia’s Corporate Headquarters, Seattle

Construction and installation has completed on Expedia’s corporate headquarters in Seattle, WA. Sentech is pleased to share updated photos, courtesy of GLY Construction. The walls featured at Expedia’s headquarters are a rarity in the world of structural glass façades, and feature the unique use of insulated glass installed in a pre-tensioned cable support system utilizing Sentech’s VetraNet Series System. The integrated canopy at the base of the main elevation braces the cable wall and provides rigid support for the door and entrance system. Nearly 50-foot spans, stringent energy efficiency requirements, and accommodation of over 6-inches of deformation under load conditions make these insulated cable walls truly one-of-a-kind.

Expedia’s new 40-acre campus features open views of the Seattle skyline, Elliot Bay, and the Olympic mountains, with roughly 1.6 acres along the waterfront open to the public. The design sought to bring employees closer to the natural environment surrounding the campus. Mark Nagle, VP of Global Real Estate for Exepdia noted, “We want to bring people outside, and even when they’re inside we want them to have access to views and light because studies have shown that people come back to work more focused and more productive.”

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