U.S. Federal Courthouse

Custom | Austin, Texas

Dubbed “The Austin Wall”, this art centerpiece featured in the United States Federal Courthouse in Austin, Texas is a vibrant, abstract, monumental glass mural by artist Clifford Ross. Originally designed by international consultancy Dewhurst MacFarlane and Partners, the wall was commissioned by the U.S. General Service Administration’s Art in Architecture Program. An elegant ode to contrasts and the illusion of lightness, the translucent 28′ by 28′ glass wall weighs nearly 3 tons, and uses Sentech’s Specialty Glazing solution and VetraPoint Connection Series. The wall system’s glass panels are supported by Sentech’s specialty fittings that were bonded to the back-side of the panels to ensure that all fin connection plates and hardware was hidden within the body of the fins themselves. This design ensures that no hardware is visible from the front of the facade, placing the focus on the striking aesthetics of the art itself