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VetraFin Impact

VetraFin Impact is our award-winning, impact-resistant structural glass system that is part of our Glass Fin System Product Line. Using the latest in structural glass technology, it is the tallest single-span Florida-approved façade solution on the market. This system is approved by Florida building code (FPA #FL33111).

Developed specifically for high-end building entrances in hurricane-prone urban areas, this system was designed for retention and redundancy. Affording unparalleled design flexibility and maximum transparency, VetraFin Impact ensures structural integrity and strength under the most adverse environmental conditions. This entrance solution can be used for walls designed using jumbo glass panels up to 28-feet in height and 10-feet in width, supported by structural glass fins. Connections between fin and façade panels allow for maximum transparency. This system can also be used for overhead glazing applications with the same design parameters.

The VetraFin Impact system was named the winner of the R&D Category in the 2021 Glass Magazine Awards. The system underwent significant research, multiple engineering and design iterations, and once ready for testing, underwent rigorous impact and wind-cycle testing, performing without any breakage. Our significant R&D in impact-resistant testing, coupled with our depth of knowledge and experience with seismic design, gives us the ability to anticipate architectural needs in these areas as structural glass trends evolve and as architects gravitate toward increasingly transparent structures. To learn more about the 2021 Glass Magazine R&D Award, please click here.

VetraFin Impact Product Brochure

Product Attributes

  • Glass fin walls up to 28’ tall
  • Jumbo glass panels up to 28’ high by 10’ wide
  • 28’ tall maximum fin height without splices
  • Recommended fin spacing = 6’ to 10’
  • Use with laminated or insulated glass
  • No visible exterior metal components
  • Can be used for façade & overhead glazing applications
  • Approved by Florida building code (FPA #FL33111)