• VetraSpan-L

    The VetraSpan-L system is an ultra-transparent structural glass facade system that seeks to eliminate all vertical glass joints and drastically increase the horizontal span of transparency and openness. The system can be used to design wall segments up to 12-feet tall and 50-feet long.

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  • VetraSky

    VetraSky offers frameless clear-span solutions that have never been available to the market before. This new, ultra-transparent glass skylight systems can span up to 26-feet with single curved glass panels and has zero support structure.

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  • VetraFin G-Series

    Sentech’s VetraFin G-Series System is a highly transparent glass fin façade system, featuring simple lines, minimal connections and a unique look with no exterior hardware, bolts or plates. This system can be used to design walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing, and walls up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing.

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  • VetraSpan

    Sentech’s VetraSpan System presents new possibilities for minimalist, jumbo glass applications. Offering maximum transparency, this system continuously spans entire openings and is ideal for jumbo glass applications to maximize light and the surrounding elements.

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Sentech offers a complete line of structural glass systems for high-end and luxury retail applications. Our solutions include the use of jumbo flat and curved glass panels to maximize openness, transparency and energy efficiency while increasing natural light.

Our customizable retail-focused systems afford the most discerning architect and luxury brand unparalleled design flexibility and elegance. These systems are available with or without glass fins and can be designed completely free of hardware, and are suitable for laminated, monolithic or insulated glass applications.

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