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Sentech’s VetraSpan system presents new possibilities for minimalist, jumbo glass applications. Offering maximum transparency, this system is free of visual impediments like connections and hardware. It continuously spans entire openings by joining panes along vertical joints, and is ideal for jumbo glass applications to maximize light and the surrounding elements. This proprietary system can be used to design Facade Applications, Overhead Applications, Floor/Step-on Applications, and can even be applied to Blast and Bullet-resistant Applications. It can be used with insulated glass with any type of soft coating; this feature enables the design of walls and structures with the highest performance values.

Product Attributes

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Walls 100'+ with mid-span bracing
  • Walls up to 40' tall, without mid-span bracing
  • Maximum panel height without splices = 60'
  • Maximum panel width = 10'-9"
  • Maximum IGU height with soft (sputtered) coatings = 60'
  • Use with monolithic, laminated & insulated facades