• Decorative Fin Structures

    Incredible design flexibility, unparalleled aesthetics, controlled shading. Sentech’s Decorative Fin Structures are paving the way as modern art forms on the exterior building envelope, resisting the most extreme weather conditions while offering architects immense freedom in shape and color selection.

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Sentech’s decorative fin structures are designed to push the limits of the imagination. These decorative fin systems allow for maximum design flexibility, architectural innovation and creativity. Our parametric modeling technology enables Sentech’s team of designers and engineers to customize the fin systems’ linear forms to create curvilinear forms across the exterior of building envelope surfaces.

Sentech offers both custom aluminum and all-glass decorative fin systems. During the design process, we ensure these decorative fin structures are engineered to resist the most extreme weather conditions and environmental loads, combining safety with the aesthetic the design team is striving for. These fin systems can be designed to offer controlled shading, allowing for increased energy efficiency, and are available in an infinite variety of color and shape patterns.

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