• VetraNet Series

    Sentech’s VetraNet facade systems use pre-tensioned cables to create an optical “net” effect, using one or two-way cables on walls up to 100-feet. Sentech’s 4 product line of VetraNet facades offers flexibility, durability, and transparency, and is ideal for façades subjected to high gravity, wind and seismic loads.

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  • VetraPatch Connection Series

    Dynamic and cost-effective, Sentech’s VetraPatch System empowers architects to design structures with any glass type, eliminating the need to drill through the glass. This system provides ample design flexibility, with each glass panel supported independently using gravity shelves and clamping action.

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  • VetraPoint Connection Series

    Sentech’s VetraPoint Series System offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility in the design process, and enables creativity in everything from connection details to support structure options. This system can be any combination of glass fins, steel fins, cable trussed, steel trusses or aluminum fins in walls up to 60-feet tall.

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Dynamic and minimalist, Sentech’s VetraNet Cable Net Systems offer optimally transparent solutions on walls up to 100-feet tall. Through the use of pre-tensioned cables in one or two-way cable arrangements, an optical “net” effect is created. Inherently flexible, incredibly durable and resistant to high environmental loads, VetraNet facades efficiently transfer gravity, wind and seismic loads to the perimeter support structure.

Sentech’s VetraNet systems are used to design both flat and curved facades, multiple varieties of facade shapes and aspect ratios, as well as blast and bullet-resistant structural glass applications. Our systems are typically designed with all tempered glass types (coated-insulated, laminated, monolithic), which enables the highest performance through efficient load transfer, energy savings and maximum transparency.

The simplicity of these systems allows for the design of facades that integrate seamlessly with adjacent structures, with load carrying capacity that far exceeds the capability of conventional wall systems.

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