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VetraPatch Connection Series

Dynamic and cost-effective while maximizing transparency, Sentech’s VetraPatch System enables the design of structures with any glass type, without the need to drill through the glass. The system’s glass-support method decreases manufacturing and installation costs while allowing for architectural creativity by providing ample design flexibility. Through the use of gravity shelves and clamping action, each glass panel is supported independently; structural sealant joints are used between panels.

VetraPatch fittings can be used in multiple application types, including Glass Fin Walls, Metal Fin Walls and Overhead Systems. The fittings can also be designed for variations in glass type (monolithic, laminated and insulated). And to meet aesthetic preferences, diamond, round, rectangular, oval and custom-shaped fittings are all available.

Product Attributes

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Corner fittings available in diamond, round, rectangular, oval or custom shapes
  • Glass joint fittings are available in rectangular shapes
  • All fittings can be used for vertical or overhead applications (fin walls or canopies)
  • System is designed to be used with tempered glass (insulated, laminated, monolithic)