• VetraFin A-Series

    Sentech’s VetraFin A-Series System is a highly transparent, elegant aluminum fin structural glass system for facades with either full-height face glass, or horizontal joints. This system can be used with facades over 100-feet tall, and with insulated units up to 60-feet tall, and offers unparalleled flexibility in design and finish options.

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  • VetraFin H-Series

    Elegant, seamless and transparent with clean horizontal lines, Sentech’s VetraFin H-Series System is intended for use in horizontal fin applications. The H-Series horizontal fin system can be designed using glass, stainless steel and aluminum for applications over 100-feet in height, and is ideal for openings with large aspect ratios.

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  • VetraFin T-Series

    An efficient toggle connection system, the VetraFin T-Series System is intended for façades with full-height face glass or horizontal joints. Glass units can be supported by glass fins, metal fins or steel trusses, and this system can be used on walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing, or up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing.

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  • VetraFin S-Series

    A classic, highly transparent steel fin structural glass system used for façades with either full-height face glass or horizontal joints. This system offers remarkable flexibility in design geometry and finish options, and can be used on walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing and on walls up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing.

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  • VetraPatch Connection Series

    Dynamic and cost-effective, Sentech’s VetraPatch System empowers architects to design structures with any glass type, eliminating the need to drill through the glass. This system provides ample design flexibility, with each glass panel supported independently using gravity shelves and clamping action.

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  • VetraPoint Connection Series

    Sentech’s VetraPoint Series System offers unparalleled simplicity and flexibility in the design process, and enables creativity in everything from connection details to support structure options. This system can be any combination of glass fins, steel fins, cable trussed, steel trusses or aluminum fins in walls up to 60-feet tall.

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Sentech offers a variety of metal fin wall types and fitting options. These structural glass systems can be designed utilizing aluminum fins, stainless steel fins, or stainless steel trusses in vertical or horizontal patterns. They allow for unparalleled flexibility in material selection, design, support and finish options, and can be used with almost all glass types.

Sentech offers 4 proprietary Metal Fin Wall Systems, in combination with our VetraPoint and VetraPatch Series fitting options: VetraFin A-Series, VetraFin H-Series, VetraFin T-Series and VetraFin S-Series.

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