CommercialMetal Fin Walls

VetraFin S-Series

Sentech’s VetraFin S-Series System is a highly transparent, cost-effective steel fin structural glass system for facades with either full-height face glass or horizontal joints. This proprietary system offers unparalleled flexibility in design geometry and finish options, offering simple lines, minimal connections and a unique look with no exterior hardware, bolts or plates. It can be used on walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing and on walls up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing. The VetraFin S-Series System can be used with monolithic, laminated or insulated glass for a wide variety of applications, including Curved Facade Applications and Overhead Applications.

Product Attributes

  • AESS steel construction
  • Walls 100'+ with mid-span bracing
  • Walls up to 60' tall, without mid-span bracing
  • Maximum IGU height with high-performance coatings = 10'-9" x 60'
  • Recommended fin spacing = 6' to 8'
  • Use with monolithic, laminated & insulated glass