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VetraPoint Connection Series

Emphasizing transparency and minimal visual impediments, Sentech’s proprietary VetraPoint System offers unparalleled simplicity and design flexibility. Our VetraPoint system allows for the utmost architectural creativity in the design process- from connection details to support structure options. The VetraPoint System cane be any combination of glass fins, steel fins, cable trusses or aluminum fins. The system can be used with a wide variety of glass types, including monolithic, laminated and insulated. Fully concealed and embedded fitting options are available. This system can be used to design Façade Applications, Overhead Applications, Floor/Step-on Applications, Entrance Applications and Blast-resistant and Bullet-resistant structural glass applications.

Product Attributes

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Walls up to 60' tall
  • Fin depths up to 3'-0"
  • Maximum fin height without splices = 25'-0"
  • Maximum IGU height with soft (sputtered) coatings = 12'-0"
  • Maximum IGU height with hard (pyrolitic) coatings = 16'-0"
  • Recommended maximum fin spacing = 7'-0"