VetraSpan-L Clear Span System VetraSpan-L Clear Span System
VetraSpan-L VetraSpan-L
VetraSpan-L VetraSpan-L
VetraSpan-L Clear Span System VetraSpan-L Clear Span System
High-End Luxury Residential Applications High-End Luxury Residential Applications
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In our quest to achieve design elegance, unparalleled aesthetics, and seamless views of the outside and the inside environments, we have developed a new Clear Span structural glass system that offers unmatched transparency and design simplicity. Using proven manufacturing and design technology, we have developed a system that drastically elevates design aesthetics by eliminating all visible glass supports and vertical joints. The engineers at Sentech have re-imagined the use of jumbo glass in storefronts and high-end residential applications; the development of our latest product offering is a new milestone in the evolution of structural glass technology. The VetraSpan-L system is an ultra-transparent structural glass facade system that seeks to eliminate all vertical glass joints and drastically increase the horizontal span of transparency and openness. The system can be used to design wall segments up to 12-feet tall and 50-feet long. The result? Unparalleled transparency, wide open spaces, and sweeping views of the landscape around you. The VetraSpan-L system follows our design tradition of systems that offer unmatched transparency, design simplicity, and functionality.

VetraSpan-L Product Catalog

Disclaimer: Digitally altered photos. Pictures seen here have been edited to show design concepts and system features.

Product Attributes

  • Designed for wall segments up to 50’ long without joints
  • 12’ height limitation
  • Can be designed with laminated, Low-E coated, and insulated glass
  • Available with bird-friendly glass
  • Can be used for fritted glass applications
  • Can be used for curved wall segments up to 27’ long