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The evolution of skylight systems over the last century has resulted in products that emphasize either the use of aluminum framing or frameless glass systems that are limited in size. At Sentech, we understand the importance of natural light in building design and have long studied skylights and the tremendous benefits they offer. In our never-ending quest to innovate in the structural glass landscape, we developed a system that is a true breakthrough in skylight design: it provides increased transparency by eliminating all visible framing members and derives its strength from curvature rather than an in-plane aluminum support system.

Our new overhead structural glass product offering, VetraSky, offers frameless jumbo clear-span solutions that have never been available to the market before. It is our latest addition to our overhead glazing suite of products.  This new, ultra-transparent glass skylight system can span up to 26-feet with single curved glass panels and has no support structure. The elimination of all visible support structure and opaque zones results in sweeping, clean views of the sky with zero interruptions. This innovative skylight system can be used in areas of high environmental loads and uses the glass curvature to develop its strength. For extreme snow loads, curved glass fins can be added to provide additional strength.

VetraSky Product Catalog

Product Attributes

  • Designed for openings up to 26-feet wide and over 100-feet long
  • Uses single curvature jumbo glass panels, spanning the entire opening
  • Glass joints are spaced at 10-feet on center
  • Rise-to-span ratio will vary depending on loads & opening dimensions
  • Applications can be designed with laminated, Low-E coated & insulated glass
  • Available with bird-friendly glass