VetraFin-W Mass Timber & Structural Glass VetraFin-W Mass Timber & Structural Glass
VetraFin-W Mass Timber VetraFin-W Mass Timber
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Mass timber and glass unite in our latest product application to combine facade transparency with a soft, warm, sustainable aesthetic- a refuge to relax in and communicate with nature while reducing the carbon footprint. With the ability to utilize a variety of wood species, and virtually any type of glass imaginable, our VetraFin-W system allows for abundant natural light, while exuding warmth and a sense of spatial depth to any facade or overhead application. The contrast between the two materials not only adds distinctive textures and environmental balance, but also creates a dynamism to the sunlight and shadows at play throughout the day.

This product application prioritizes resource optimization via the use of low embodied carbon, sustainable, renewable components. With no size limitations to the wood fins, VetraFin-W can be designed for use in high-seismic environments, in both residential and commercial applications, and with an unlimited number of wood finish options.

VetraFin-W Product Catalog

Product Attributes

  • Hidden glass connections & concealed support system
  • Can be designed with glass panels up to 50 feet tall
  • Curved or flat facade systems
  • Optional exterior decorative wood cap
  • Unlimited wood species & finish options
  • Can be used with all insulated or laminated glass types & makeups
  • Sustainable, renewable components
  • Ultra low embodied carbon