Entrance Applications


Sentech’s line of high capacity entrance systems fittings are designed to handle large doors, transom panels and side lites. This proprietary system uses true bearing connections to eliminate high stress concentrations and properly distribute loads at all connection points. Using special rotules, friction free connections and needle bearing pivots, our entrance solutions are engineered for high traffic conditions. With today’s increasing demand for entrances with tall doors and large transom panels, Sentech offers a structural fitting system with unparalleled strength and reliability.

Product Attributes

  • Machined stainless steel base fittings
  • Cover caps in any architectural finish
  • 600 pound door capacity
  • 3/4" to 1-1/16" glass thickness capacity
  • Built-in rotules to reduce excessive stresses
  • Distributes loads from large transom glass to fins
  • True structural fittings with friction couplers
  • Complete fitting line for doors and fixed panels
  • Laminated door applications