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Heated Clear Span Glass Wall System Heated Clear Span Glass Wall System
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The beauty of structural glass lies not only in its strength and transparency, but also in its versatility. VetraSpan-H utilizes the versatility of glass to create a next generation structural glass facade application that incorporates state-of-the-art, fully transparent glass coating technology to heat the facade glass and provide enhanced visual and thermal indoor comfort.
This electrically heated Clear Span facade solution can be utilized to prevent condensation build-up in humid environments, to prevent ice or frost formation on exterior glass surfaces, and to provide stable radiant heating which results in even temperatures across the indoor environment and does not dry the indoor air. Utilizing the versatility of glass and new coating technology to create a next generation  of structural glass solutions, this facade system has extremely high levels of winter thermal insulation, higher than any other structural glazing solution on the market, and eliminates all potential thermal bridging concerns. This system is fully tested, and has been proven in multiple architectural applications around the world. The applications for this product are endless, and include indoor swimming pools, cold environment facades, museums, luxury house facades, skylights, canopies, outdoor glass floors and staircases, and more.Thermal comfort in these applications is of utmost consideration and is enhanced by stable radiant heating emanating from the glass surface. The use of this technology results in brighter and warmer environments that are free from condensation build-up. User-controlled temperatures on the surface of the glass can be programmed to suit the user needs and to respond to environmental temperatures and varying humidity levels.

Product Attributes

  • Glass types: Insulated, laminated, double insulated and Low-E coated glass options
  • Maximum Panel Width: 9’ - 6”
  • Maximum Panel Length: 16’ - 0”
  • Shapes: Rectangular, trapezoidal, or round