Westfield Old Orchard Glass Cube

Glass Fin Walls | Skokie, Illinois

An open-air, upscale shopping center in Skokie, Illinois, Westfield Old Orchard Mall is the third largest mall by total square footage in Illinois. With the aim of creating a minimalist statement structure that could be utilized in both cold and warm weather months, this completely transparent, freestanding 1,300 square-foot glass pavilion was designed as an innovative space for product launches, exhibitions and as a backdrop for the summer concert series. Sitting at the intersection of three main promenades, the glass cube features 20-foot tall glass fins utilizing Sentech’s VetraFin G-Series System.  To meet the design mandate of complete transparency, the structural system was made nearly invisible. The structure is supported on just four steel columns, inset at each corner, with stainless steel plates embedded into the fins at the roof to support the roof glass and transfer the façade loads to the main structure. The oversized, low-iron, anti-reflective glass panels were laminated with an interlayer for added strength while bearing on an embedded channel at the base, and are supported by structural fins joined to the panels with structural silicone. The bespoke connections and seamless, strategic structural design result in a minimalist elegance that opens the space to the outdoors while acting as both destination and gateway.


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