Miami Design District

Decorative Fin Structure | Miami, Florida

Designed by one of today’s most forward-thinking architects, Sou Fujimoto, this stunning, all-glass structure is located in Miami’s renowned Design District. Known for his designs of delicate, light structures and permeable enclosures, this 2-story decorative glass fin structure utilizes Sentech’s Decorative Fin System to create a vibrant interplay between nature and architecture. The 7,000 square foot, palm-dotted plaza hosts fashion shows, music performances and open-air events while boasting an impressive array of high-end, luxury boutiques. In an effort to blend the internal and the external, the building façade features a series of elongated structural glass fins that span over 42-feet from base to rooftop of the open courtyard. The design was originally inspired by Sou’s first impressions of Miami- a colorful, vibrant city with an aquatic nature, bursting with blue skies, ever-present ocean views, and tempestuous rainfall that takes over in the summer months.

The slender fins attach vertically to the storefront facades, and the shape of the atrium design intentionally creates a “curtain” effect- partially enclosing the corridors and creating a pathway in front of the high-end luxury boutiques on both floors. The structural glass fins have a threefold purpose: aesthetic, functional and structural. They create a striking aesthetic, a dynamic visual spectacle at the heart of the district- the result of which has been called “crystallized showers of sunlight”. They allow natural light to permeate the space, while create shading elements for shoppers and visitors. They allow for unobstructed air flow throughout the courtyard. And they utilize glass as structure, utilizing discreet connections and slender steel elements.

Beautiful, iconic and engineered to withstand the region’s high wind loads, this structure is worth a visit on your next trip to the city of magic.

Architect: Sou Fujimoto
Glazing Contractor: Cupples
GC: Coastal Construction

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