Concho Tower III

Metal Fin Walls | Midland, TX


The structural glass entrance walls of Concho Tower III were originally designed by RWA Architects as an expansion to the Concho Resources Headquarters in Midland, TX. During the design, Sentech’s VetraFin A-Series System was selected to provide a highly transparent, cost-effective aluminum fin structural glass system with full-height glass panels. This allowed for the utmost flexibility in design and finish options. In addition, simple lines and minimal connections enabled the team to achieve a unique, streamlined aesthetic with no exterior hardware. This was critical to the design mandate: to increase natural light flow and a feeling of openness in the space. The result is an entrance environment where both visitors and employees alike feel welcome.

The entrance façade utilizes Sentech’s VetraFin A-Series System, featuring three striking structural glass walls. The overall structure spans 140-feet in length by 26-feet in height. Each one of the slim glass panels span 26-feet from floor-to-ceiling, by 2-6″ in width. In effect, the total square footage of structural glass measures just over 3,600 square feet. Additionally, the elongated design of the structural glass walls utilized specialized aluminum fins that sit on the interior of the façade. These aluminum fins are comprised of 10-9/16″-deep custom aluminum extrusions (6063-T6), with two coats of Kynar finish. Moreover, the glass panels themselves are composed of 13/16″ thick, low-iron, tempered laminated glass with a 5/8″ PVB gray vertical frit interlayer.

The resulting façades create a stunning echo for the radiant Midland sunsets, with the aluminu fins playing a threefold role as structural, shading and decorative elements. Inside the entrance, their shadows rhythmically dance with the changing position of the sun. Welcoming and stunning, this VetraFin-A system allows for natural light flow and movement throughout the day, and is worth a visit on your next trip to Midland!

In 2020, the acquisition of Concho Resources by ConocoPhillips resulted in the combination of two companies seeking to lead the structural changes in the energy industry- a bold step towards a new era of energy leadership.



Architect: RWA Architects
Glazing Contractor: Duke Glass
GC: W.S. Bellows Construction Corporation
Photo Credit: Hester + Hardaway