Sentech’s Dave Dunham, PE + Diarmuid Kelleher, PE, SE Featured on Creating Structure Podcast #34

Sentech’s Director of Business Development, Dave Dunham, PE, and Director of Engineering, Diarmuid Kelleher, PE, SE, were recently featured on John Wheaton’s “Creating Structure” Podcast, Episode #34. The Podcast is the brainchild of John Wheaton, PE, President and CEO of Wheaton & Sprague Engineering, Inc. Featuring interviews and discussions about life, business, architecture, construction and engineering, the content is relevant and insightful as a result of John’s deep experience in the building envelope, curtainwall, engineering and building industry.

Structural Glass Facade

His candor, thorough preparation and charisma have made Creating Structure one of the top industry podcasts.

Episode #34 of the Creating Structure Podcast, is aptly titled “The Specialty Façade Engineering Session”, and dives into the role of structural glass, engineering, building codes (and the lack of them), Sentech’s specialty work, structural engineering, façade and seismic design, thermal performance, building codes, material optimization, and much more.

Below is a summary of the session from the Creating Structure Podcast site- to listen to the episode, click this link, and get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy a fascinating, lively discussion!

Welcome to the “geek out” episode, where three normal, balanced humans, who happen to be engineers, and who happen to have glass and aluminum in their DNA profiles, discuss engineering of glazed facades, specialty glass, technical applications, value propositions, and more. We talk about the role of engineering, Sentech’s specialty work, thermal performance, structural engineering, wall movements, building codes, material optimization, and much more. Also, how about ordering and handling a 75′ x 12′ piece of glass? That’s some big stuff.

Diarmuid Kelleher

Diarmuid Kelleher, PE, SE, is Director of Engineering for Sentech. He grew up in Ireland on a 60 acre dairy farm. He came to the USA  in 2008. He’s worked for such notable’s as Larson Engineering, Permasteelisa North America Corp, Thorton Tomasetti, and Inhabit, on his progression to Sentech. He leads all engineering production work from time of sale to point of fab and construction. I think you’ll enjoy his insights.

Dave Dunham

Dave Dunham, PE, is the Director of Business Development at Sentech. Dave has worked there as engineering manager, and pre-sales engineer manager on his path to the current position in business development, sales, proposal work. He he leads the sales team, does a significant amount of Design-Assist work and consultation (DA) and facilitates a high level of collaboration between business development and engineering.

Have fun, and enjoy this episode.

The Podcast
Creating Structure Episode #34

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Diarmuid Kelleher, PE, SE, Director of Engineering, Sentech
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Dave Dunham, PE, Director of Business Development, Sentech
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John L Wheaton, PE, CEO, Wheaton & Sprague Engineering, Inc., & Affiliates
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