• VetraStep Series

    Sentech’s VetraStep Series is a complete line of step-on glazing systems, including structural glass stairways, glass pedestrian platforms, glass bridges and glass slides. This system is ideal for transparent and highly innovative design and complex geometric applications, and we offer both curved and spiral options.

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  • VetraFin T-Series

    An efficient toggle connection system, the VetraFin T-Series System is intended for façades with full-height face glass or horizontal joints. Glass units can be supported by glass fins, metal fins or steel trusses, and this system can be used on walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing, or up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing.

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  • Glass Canopies & Enclosures

    Sentech’s overhead structural glass systems provide architects with the design flexibility to innovate with a wide variety of solutions. We can address the most challenging functional & aesthetic requirements, including organic-shaped enclosures and impact-resistant glazing.

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  • VetraFin S-Series

    A classic, highly transparent steel fin structural glass system used for façades with either full-height face glass or horizontal joints. This system offers remarkable flexibility in design geometry and finish options, and can be used on walls over 100-feet tall with mid-span bracing and on walls up to 60-feet tall without mid-span bracing.

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  • VetraNet Series

    Sentech’s VetraNet facade systems use pre-tensioned cables to create an optical “net” effect, using one or two-way cables on walls up to 100-feet. Sentech’s 4 product line of VetraNet facades offers flexibility, durability, and transparency, and is ideal for façades subjected to high gravity, wind and seismic loads.

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  • Specialty Glazing Solutions

    We partner with architects to design specialty, custom solutions that do not fall under our standard product lines, often from the inception of an idea through the design-build phase. Let us partner with you to ideate and design a solution that may not yet exist in the marketplace.

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Sentech offers a comprehensive line of high-performance structural glass systems and facade solutions for various types of commercial applications. Our solutions include the use of jumbo flat and curved glass panels to maximize transparency and energy efficiency while increasing natural light and the openness of commercial spaces. From clean lines and highly transparent applications to cable net walls, specialty structures and complex applications that include bullet-resistant, blast resistant and hurricane-resistant structural glass applications, no project is too complex for our team of engineers.

Our customizable systems afford the most discerning architect and owner unparalleled design flexibility and performance options. These systems are available with or without fins and can be designed completely free of hardware, and are suitable for laminated, monolithic or insulated glass applications with unlimited color options.

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