Diarmuid Kelleher Joins Sentech as Director of Engineering

Sentech is pleased to announce that Diarmuid Kelleher, PE, SE, has joined the Sentech team as Director of Engineering.

In his new role, Diarmuid will lead Sentech’s team of engineers, oversee operational engineering performance, and drive new product and strategic business development efforts in close collaboration with members of the executive management team.


Diarmuid Kelleher, Director of Engineering
Mr. Kelleher brings more than 14 years of experience in the design of complex, high-performance façade systems


Diarmuid Kelleher brings more than 14 years of experience in the design of complex, high-performance façade systems both on the contractor and consulting side at façade-focused firms such as Larson Engineering, Permasteelisa, and Thornton Tomasetti. Most recently, he joined Inhabit as a Senior Associate, founding the first North American office for the façade engineering consulting firm. His wealth of project experience includes structural glass systems, tensioned cable structures, shell and spatial structures, tensioned membranes, metal framed glazed systems, opaque rainscreen systems, stone facades, and timber facades.

Mr. Kelleher holds both a Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering concentration) from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering (with Architecture) from the University College in Dublin. He is licensed both as a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and Structural Engineer (S.E.).

On behalf of the entire team, please join us in welcoming Diarmuid to Sentech!


About Us

Since 2006, Sentech has been partnering with architects and glazing professionals across the country to design, engineer and manufacture cutting-edge structural glass solutions that unlock project potential and push the limits of structural glass technology. Our objective is to design sustainable, highly transparent glass and specialty structures that will become icons of architectural elegance for this era and in years to come. We offer consulting services to the architectural community and engineered products to the glazing industry, including structural glass fin walls, clear span walls, curved glass applications, double-skin facades, decorative fin structures, tension truss glass systems, tensegrity glass structures, all-glass skylights and canopies, glass entrances, stairways, step-on applications and more. We manufacture our systems in-house, and partner with glass fabricators around the world to ensure only the highest quality products are available to our clients.

Sentech was founded on the principle of transparency- not only in the design of our specialty structural glass systems, but as a principle that guides all our relationships with clients, industry partners, project teams and employees.