New Product Release Feature: Glass Magazine

Glass Magazine recently featured Sentech’s new VersaFront product system in their latest product news! VersaFront is Sentech’s complete line of customizable, all-glass storefront solutions. Designed to be flexible, transparent and nimble, this new product line allows for multiple design choices, including the use of jumbo glass panels and a wide variety of coated glass options. Exposed aluminum mullions are not required for these entrance systems, which enables the utmost transparency and use of natural light. This all-glass engineered storefront system can be delivered complete with all glass doors.

Sentech has leveraged its parametric design technology to enable the delivery of design, calculations, fabrication drawings and materials in short time frames, including delivery of engineering and drawings within a few hours. With an emphasis on service and speed of execution and delivery, paired with ultimate transparency, these customizable storefront solutions and entrance systems afford design flexibility, and are suitable for laminated, monolithic, or insulated glass applications.

Applications can feature glass wall heights up to 20-feet, an unlimited number of bays, and rail-supported swing doors with options for manual closers or auto-operators. Backed by Sentech’s multi-year warranty, we have a large engineering staff ready to assist clients during product approval and installation phases.

Glass Magazine News Release:

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