Product Launch: Heated Glass Systems

Sentech is thrilled to unveil our duo of heated glass systems, VetraSpan-H- our newest addition to our Clear Span suite of products, and VetraSky-H- our newest addition to our Overhead Glazing suite of products. Both are ultra-transparent structural glass systems that use innovative glass technology to control the temperature on the glass surface to enhance both visual and thermal comfort.

Heated Glass Applications

 VetraSpan-H is a next-generation facade solution that incorporates state-of-the-art, fully transparent glass coating technology to heat the facade glass and provide enhanced indoor visual and thermal comfort. This electrically heated facade solution can be utilized to prevent condensation in humid environments, to prevent ice or frost formation on exterior glass surfaces, and to provide stable radiant heating which results in even temperatures across the indoor environment, without drying the indoor air. This facade system has extremely high levels of winter thermal insulation, higher than any other structural glazing solution on the market, and eliminates all potential thermal bridging concerns. The product is fully tested and has been proven in multiple architectural applications around the world. The applications for this system are endless, and include indoor swimming pools, cold environment facades, museums, luxury home facades, skylights, canopies, outdoor glass floors and staircases, and more.
Interior thermal comfort in these applications is enhanced by stable radiant heating emanating from the glass surface. The use of this technology results in brighter and warmer environments that are free from condensation. User-controlled temperatures on the surface of the glass can be programmed to suit the user needs and to respond to environmental temperatures and varying humidity levels.

Heated Glass Applications Clear Span WallsVetraSpan-H Product Catalog

System Features

  •  Glass types: Insulated, laminated, double insulated and Low-E coated glass options
  •  Maximum Panel Width: 9’ – 6”
  •  Maximum Panel Length: 16’ – 0”
  • Shapes: Rectangular, trapezoidal, or round

Heated Skylight Application

VetraSky-H is a heated skylight system that uses innovative new technology that allows users to heat the skylight glass during winter and summer months, enhancing both visual and thermal indoor comfort.

In addition to eliminating the undesirable accumulation of snow and ice, heated glass helps keep the indoor environment warmer during winter months, enhancing indoor visual and thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is enhanced by stable radiant heating emanating from the skylight surface; the use of this technology results in brighter and warmer environments. The user-controlled temperatures on the skylight surface are achieved using fully integrated and invisible coating technology. The skylight glass surface can be heated to prevent accumulation of snow or ice during winter months, and it can also be heated just above due point to prevent condensation in the exterior and interior glass surfaces. This flexibility solves all maintenance and visibility problems associated with snow accumulation and water condensation.

Heated glass technology can also be used on glass walls, solariums, and outdoor canopy applications. The VetraSky-H system follows our design tradition of systems that offer unmatched transparency, design simplicity, and functionality.

Heated Skylight ApplicationVetraSky-H Product Catalog

System Features

  •  Glass is heated to prevent accumulation of snow or ice on the glass surface
  •  Heated glass can be incorporated into insulated glass with solar control coatings
  •  Glass temperature can be maintained at a pre-determined temperature level to prevent condensation
  •  Maximum skylight width: 9′-6″
  •  Maximum skylight length: 15′
  •  Rectangular, trapezoidal, or circular in shape